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Dodgers / D-Backs Game Chat

Joe Torre said on the KABC pregame show that Hiroki Kuroda would start Sunday against the Padres. He also noted that he hasn't decided what pitchers will start the three games in Arizona, Monday through Wednesday.

With all the talk earlier today about the Dodgers' need for offense, its worth noting the Dodgers are 54-10 when scoring five runs or more this season.

Here are tonight's lineups:

Diamondbacks Dodgers
SS Drew
SS Furcal
2B Roberts
CF Kemp
C Montero RF Ethier
3B Reynolds LF Manny
1B Allen 3B Blake
LF Parra 1B Loney
CF Young 2B Belliard
RF Romero
C Martin
P Buckner
P Garland

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