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Final Regular Season Road Game Chat

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Andre Ethier is batting seventh tonight for the seventh time this season. Ethier also batted seventh against the Mariners in June, and hit three home runs.

Vin Scully was a guest on the Padres' pregame show, on 1090 AM in San Diego. Here is the link to the MP3 file. It is a pretty fun interview.

Here are tonight's lineups:

Dodgers Padres
SS Furcal
CF Gwynn
2B Hudson 2B Eckstein
LF Manny 1B Gonzalez
CF Kemp LF Headley
1B Loney RF Venable
3B Loretta
3B Kouzmanoff
RF Ethier C Hundley
C Martin SS Cabrera
P Garland
P Richard

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