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True Blue Partcipation

True Blue for the last eight months has been requesting more member participation via our Fanshots, Fanposts, and comments. To our delight we have seen a huge increase in membership taking ownership of this site and posting more and more.

However with everything you get some good with some bad. Yesterday

Then last night after the Dodgers were shut out by the Padresone of the worse Fanposts

I still encourage members to use the Fanposts for making points, but please refrain from simple Rafy Sucks, Dodgers Suck, Dodgers are great, blah blah blah. If you have a point to make, then state the point, support the point with some numbers even if you use the old standbys, and then maybe offer a solution if you see one. Rafy does not make out the lineup card, he does not try to suck.

The FanPosts are not going to become a bridge from whiny game threads to extended whiny posts on my watch. We know Rafy, Martin, Loney, and even Manny these days are not producing at the levels expected. Tell us how bad they are with information not with subjective posts of blah blah sucks and I don't like him. Keep that in the game threads where they get buried in 12 hours not in our Fanposts which hang out for a while.

One final thing, use the Rec button more, let our members know which posts you like and also which ones you don't like. Hey, if it turns out that the majority like the subjective complaining posts then Eric can find someone to write for TrueBlue who can put that crap out for you every day and I'll find something else to do with my time.