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Did I Hear A 'Niner' In There?

Its only fitting that on 9/9/09, the number nine is prominently featured.  Nine is...

  • The number of Dodgers with 50 runs scored this season.  Only four teams in baseball history have had more players score 50 runs
  • The number of home runs hit by second baseman Orlando Hudson this season.  Other Dodger second baseman to hit exactly nine homers were Mark Grudzielanek (2002), Pete Coscarart (1940), and Tony Cuccinello (1933)
  • The number of extra-base hits by Dodger pitchers this season (seven doubles, and two home runs), including five by Randy Wolf
  • The number of runs scored by Brad Ausmus this season, the most by a Dodger backup catcher since Dioner Navarro scored 21 runs in 1995 2005
  • The number of wins this season by tonight's Dodger starter, Jon Garland
  • The number of home games remaining for the the regular season

Here is how the Dodgers have fared on other recent numerological dates:

The Dodgers were off on a few of these days.  How will the Dodgers do on 9/9/09?  We'll find out in about nine hours.