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Closing Out The Arizona Season Series - Game Chat

How rare and unique is it that the Dodgers are about to have their eighth player with 50 or more walks this season? From Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated:

Brilliant reader Preston sent in this gem. David DeJesus leads the Kansas City Royals with 46 walks. That is one behind Los Angeles’ Matt Kemp, who has 47 walks. OK … so what’s the big deal?

Here’s the big deal: Matt Kemp is EIGHTH on the Dodgers in walks. Eighth.

Which means that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in the Dodgers starting lineup (with the exception of the pitcher, of course) has more walks than ANY player on the Kansas City Royals.

For more information, on the True Blue LA 50-Walk Challenge, click here.

Here are tonight's lineups:

Dodgers Diamondbacks
SS Furcal
2B Roberts
CF Kemp
SS Drew
RF Ethier RF Upton
LF Manny 3B Reynolds
1B Loney C Montero
3B Belliard
CF Young
2B Hudson LF Byrnes
C Martin 1B Tracy
P Garland P Haren

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