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Jason Repko & The 10-Year Club

Jason Repko avoided arbitration today by signing a one-year contract to return to the Dodgers for $500,000, per Jon Paul Morosi of  Repko is one of nine Dodgers eligible for salary arbitration, and is the dean of the Dodgers, having been with the organization since 1999.  Repko, despite his paucity of major league experience (478 career plate appearances), is in rare company with his decade plus with the Dodgers

In the last 25 years, just eight Dodgers drafted or signed as an amateur have spent as many as ten consecutive years in the organization.

Player Date Signed Date Left Years
Jason Repko 6/3/99 --- 10+
Eric Gagne
7/26/95 left after 2006 11
Adrian Beltre 7/7/94 left after 2004 10
Darren Dreifort   
6/3/93 retired after 2005 12
Paul LoDuca 6/3/93 7/30/04 11
Eric Karros 6/17/88 12/4/02 14
Raul Mondesi 6/6/88 11/8/99 11
Dave Hansen 6/5/86 left after 1996 10

Pedro Astacio, Mike Piazza, and Billy Ashley missed out on joining this group by a matter of weeks.

The next week or so should bring a bevy of deals between the Dodgers and their eight remaining arbitration-eligible players.  If the two sides don't agree to a contract by January 19, player and club will exchange salary figures.  But even then, the club and player(s) can still try to work out a deal before the scheduled arbitration hearing, sometime between February 1 and February 20.