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Clippings from around the blogosphere

VIN SCULLY IS MY HOMEBOY: Bye - Take the time to check this out and wish fellow Dodger blogger Roberto Baly good luck as he enters the hospital.

Dodgers of the Decade: General Manager " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness - MSTI has been doing the Dodger of the Decade piece for a while now and we should have linked to it sooner. They are now doing the General Manager so he breaks them down. Great work on the whole series. They beat us to the punch on that one.

Cuban star Chapman joins Reds | News - big news as the middle market Reds take a big gamble on what may have been the best free agent available. I hope this works out for them and glad to see he's coming to the NL and not the Yankees.

Vlad and Road Splits | FanGraphs Baseball -

Fangraphs says not so fast when using Vlady's road splits as a reason for loving this deal.

Giants sign Aubrey Huff - McCovey Chronicles
Grant chimes in on the +/- of the Huff deal.

New defensive stats starting to catch on | News
Defensive stats are gaining traction every day with Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein, Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik and a growing number of executives.  Good stuff here, I recommend a quick read.