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Dodgers announce participants in the 2010 mini camp

Last year I wrote up the mini camp group and quite a few of them ended up on the major league roster. Prospects like Scott Elbert, Brent Leach, Tony Abreu, AJ Ellis, Jamie Hoffman, and Xavier Paul all contributed to the team last year. Granted the contributions were minor but they did play a role. Also Victor Garate was traded for Belliard and Josh Bell was traded for Sherrill so those players had a big impact on the 2009 season. Dodgers Name 20 for Mini-Camp provides the list of the 20 who will be coming this year.

Players who were invited last year that did not receive an invitation this year are James Adkins, Jacobo Meque, Jesus Castillo, Austin Gallagher.

The Dodgers recently announced the 2010 group, so just like last year, let us take a look at who is coming.


LHP- Armando Zerpa - LHP snagged in the rule five draft will be trying beat out Brent Leach and others for the role of left handed setup man. He has not pitched above AA and while he was great in High A, he struggled in AA  A+_ ball. He was great in Low A but struggled in High A. Small chance he makes the team.
RHP- Carlos Monasterios - another rule five pitcher he also has a tough row to hoe, if he wants to make the opening day roster.
RHP- John Ely - acquired in the Juan Pierre deal he could easily be in the mix for one of the rotation spots at some time this season.
RHP- Jon Link also acquired in the Pierre deal , might be in line for a bullpen spot.
LHP- Brent Leach - 2nd time in camp, depends on how much Zerpa impresses in spring training. If they don't want to lose Zerpa the may keep him on the roster over Leach. Leach had his moments in 2009.
RHP- Travis Schlichting -2nd time in camp, lost most of 2009 to arm problems but is now healthy and ready to make his case for a spot in the bullpen.
RHP- Josh Lindblom - 2nd time in camp, word is that he's headed for the Isotope rotation unless he makes the Dodger bullpen.
RHP- Chris Withrow - still seems to be flying under the radar. Can't imagine seeing him before Sept but who knows. When he does come, he will bring some excitement with him.
RHP- Javy Guerra- doesn't have a chance to break with the big club
RHP- Kenley Jansen - all eyes will be on the converted catcher as he brings his gas to the mound. No major league expectations for him in 2010.
LHP- Aaron Miller - Will he or Withrow make their major league start first?
RHP- Ethan Martin - long ways away but this will give him a taste of what he's shooting for
C- A.J. Ellis - 2nd time for Ellis. He's still hoping he can be the 2010 backup.
C- Lucas May - 2nd time for May as he continues to make his case as a future catcher but it won't be in 2010.
INF- Russell Mitchell- just when you write him off he has a nice 2nd half, and then adds in a huge AFL season. Some have compared him to Kevin Millar.
INF- Ivan DeJesus - 2nd time for Ivan, good time to see how the leg is doing.
INF- Dee Gordon - given that his Dad is Flash Gordon you wouldn't think he'd need this kind of indoctrination, he may look at the puny Dodger Clubhouse and hope he gets traded.
OF- Andrew Lambo - 2nd time for Lambo, the last time didn't exactly set a fire under him.
OF- Trayvon Robinson - I'll be shocked if we don't see his speed in Sept.
OF- Kyle Russell - 1st time for Kyle, no chance we see him in 2010.