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Living in earthquake country

we all know how fragile our framework is. More then any other natural disaster, residents of Los Angeles should be able to identify with those communities struck down by an earthquake. At truebluela we basically work for free without any buttons asking for pledges to offset the amount of time we put into this site.  These people had virtually nothing before the quake and now they literally have nothing. If you can, please  take a moment to pledge some help to this country in their time of need.


Earthquake In Haiti: How You Can Help - SB Nation.

Haiti: MSF Treats More Than 1,000 Patients; Inflatable Hospital on the Way (1/14/10) | Doctors Without Borders

MSF has treated more than 1,000 patients in four tented facilities. The primary concern at the moment is the overwhelming numbers of people who need immediate treatment and major surgery.

Jesse Kornbluth: Strength in What Remains: Tracy Kidder's Remarkable Story of a Refugee from African Genocide Who Gets Inspired in Haiti

I can't be the only one who noticed the juxtaposition of photographs in the news. In Washington, four Wall Street CEOs, sleek in Dunhill suits and Lobb shoes, testified that they bore no responsibility for the worst economic crisis in 70 years. In Haiti, where the average worker earns $2 a day, an earthquake destroyed cities and villages alike, killing 100,000 people, maybe more. You read these articles.