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Dodger Clippings From around the Dodger Blogosphere

Dodgers Videos | Multimedia - Check out today's video. Highlight of the Inland Empire team with Dodger Legends Hough/Stubbs, prospects like Jansen, and cheerleaders.

Your Dodgers of the Decade Team " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness - MSTI has finished up the team of the decade. Excellent team, my only change would have been Broxton as the setup man. How would you have liked to have faced Broxton, Kuo, and Gagne when they were all on the top of their game. Game over indeed.

Who will be the most improved Dodger in 2010? | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times
 Jon Weisman asked his readers to pick who they felt would be the most improved Dodger in 2010. Surprisingly the guy who has the talent to improve the most rarely got mentioned and that was Rafy Furcal. - Baseball L.A. Dodgers to visit Taiwan in March
According to this report the trip to Taiwan is on.

VIN SCULLY IS MY HOMEBOY: Jose Offerman Attacks Umpire - Milton Bradley has nothing on Jose Offerman.

There’s Still Some Good News Here " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness -MSTI takes a look at the roster in early January and addresses six area's he thinks this team could improve from 2009 to 2010.  Maybe he read the Zips projections.

Tony Jackson: Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt won't show a vulnerable side - ESPN Los Angeles
Tony Jackson has a bizarre sense of what makes a good businessman.