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All aboard the Jacksonville Gravy Train

A few members of the 2005 Jacksonville Championship team are now firmly on the gravy train.

Russell Martin comes on board for 5 Million for 2010.

James Loney hops on the caboose to the tune of 3.1

Chad Billingsley was already on board the Pullman car at 3.85

Jonathan Broxton was waiting for the chow car and he jumped on in fine style with a two year deal.

With those four in tow, the Dodgers got down to business by inking Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier to two year deals giving them some cost certainty for 2011.

Youth has been served and it is prime rib and champagne.

Eric will have the details and what it all means very shortly. Thanks to everyone for the tweets and to Dave for getting a fanpost up.