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Michael White is on the masthead

TBLA recently hit the 2,000 member mark,  and with the mark comes the responsibility we have to 2,000 members to keep you abreast of what is happening in Dodger baseball. Last year at this time we brought in Brendan Scolari who did a wonderful job in adding to the content of this site during the spring and summer. Brendan was able to use his writing here at TBLA to springboard into other writing gigs and thus no longer has the time to write regulary for TBLA. 

Several weeks ago we added long time commentator David Young to the masthead of TBLA,  and today we are happy to announce that Michael White (aka mwhite06) will be joining our masthead as an editor. We  welcome Michael into the fold,  and as we wait for his first TBLA story, let's take a look  at the first column from the past/present staff of TBLA writers.

Michael Nicks starts TBLA on March 30, 2006

Andrew Grant says hello way back in Aug of 2006

Phil compares Meloan to Ghame Over in the summer of 2007

Eric with Walk this Way in December of 2008

Brendan with a look at the 2009 catching class in March 2009

David Young takes a look at Donny Baseball in Nov 2009

TBLA has come a long way since Michael Nicks kick started this blog on SB Nation four years ago. I've never met Michael Nicks but luckily I met all the other writers who have worked on TBLA and I'm richer for it.  Brendan was our youngest writer so adding the youngish Michael White will help balance the scales between the crusty old (Phil and Dave) to the prime of his life Eric, to the post umbilical cord generation that Mr. White would represent. We still need a younger writer then Michael to rep those readers who glaze over when Maury Wills is mentioned and hopefully the future will present an opportunity for such a person if they are interested.


Even if you are not on the masthead,  keep kicking out those great fanposts. The fanposts and fanshots are what separates TBLA from other Dodger blogs. All the Dodger blogs provide great content but we are the only platform that can handle community participation other then comments. If you have something to say then by all means say it. Don't waste a two paragraph comment and watch it get buried never to be seen again, create a fanpost.