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Dodger Season Ticket Sales hold steady

The onslaught of renewals were boosted by some innovative programs put into place as the Dodgers fought hard to hold onto their season ticket base.

When Dennis Mannion announced last week the Dodgers were still several thousand short of last years season tickets sales, some were quick to point out that this pointed to future problems. I didn't quite understand the commotion as Dennis made the statement several days before the renewal date, and as everyone knows, you don't spend several thousand dollars until you have to.

Sure enough, Dodger VP of Communications Josh Rawitch has confirmed that the the Dodgers have not only reached last years season ticket sales but are in all likelihood, going to surpass them.

we had incredible news over this past week and weekend by way of payments and pulled even with 2009 yesterday. It appears the installation of a payment plan, frozen prices, additional flexible ticket plan options and a very aggressive email, text and phone renewal campaign have all contributed to the success over the weekend.  Our staff is projecting our best renewal rate in the past three years based on data they are getting from our call center.