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Clippings from around the Dodger Blog World

If you don't click on any of the other links click on this one and watch the O'Brien Video.


Dodger Divorce looks at Frank McCourt being honored by the city of Santa Monica

Dodger Sims: 2010 AL West WAR - Xeifrank takes a WAR look at the AL West. Angels still rule but the gap has closed.

Dodger Sims: Dodger Crystal Ball - Xeifrank does a simulation of the first 50 games. He will have to re-run now that Belliard is on board.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Success Kid Likes The Earlier Jamey Carroll Signing - Adults only - funny as hell but if you are easily offended by profanity, move on.

Dodgers prospect, Newbury Park grad Lambo getting back on track - LA Daily News
Doug Padilla takes a look at Andrew Lambo

Promised Post Regarding Baseball America - Brian Akin with another thought provoking post about what it is like to be a professional baseball player.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Down On The Farm: Chattanooga Season Review - the long awaited AA review by Kensai.