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Matt Kemp is moving up in the world.

Not only is Matt Kemp now hob nobbing with Rihanna but  his star is firmly lit on the fantasy baseball landscape. SBNation Fantasy Expert Ray Guilfoyle who runs the website participated in his first mock draft back on Dec 16 for the 2010 season, and none other then our own Matt Kemp was the eighth player taken in the draft . Given this was a mixed league draft it was even more impressive. As more mock drafts are completed it would appear that Matt Kemp is now considered first round material.

This is noteworthy only because you'd have to harken back to the days of Mike Piazza to find a home grown Dodger who was deemed 1st round material. Fantasy players are finding the rare combination of power/speed/batting average a tasty tidbit as they attempt to out fox their rivals.