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TBLA Los Angeles Dodger Hall of Greatness

January is a slow month and this month it is expected to be even slower. We have two new series coming out this month. One will be to pick a type of all decade team. Eric is working on that along with the arbitration cases. I'm going to start this off as we try to identify people involved with the Los Angeles Dodgers who have had the biggest impact on the team during their 50 year run in Los Angeles.

First off I'm open to a better name, so the first vote is going to have the person's name as part of the tribute. The first vote is only going to be between Walter O Malley who is responsible for us even having the Los Angeles Dodgers and Vin Scully the brother, father, and grandfather of the team. As the polls is taking place, please give me your idea's on the best name to replace the current TBLA Los Angeles Dodger Hall of Greatness that incorporates the name of the winner of the poll.

Once we decide that we will open up the polls to the best of the best. At first glance the first real poll would have Piazza, Pedro, Koufax, Garvey, Sutton, Drysdale, Fernando, Cey, Orel, Lasorda, and Alston. I'd like to get about 15 people inducted before spring training starts. The first group are all undoubtedly people who belong in our wing, we are just going to be voting on who gets in before whom.

This hall can have players who only played one year ala Jimmy Wynn, or those who with one swing of the bat changed the landscape of the team ala Kirk Gibson. You will decide as I bring them up for vote. Who knows, Jon Weisman may even get on the ballot but Bart Shirley never will.