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Dodgers Interested In Lowry, Despite Noah's Arc

The Dodgers are one of 14 teams interested in ex-Giants pitcher Noah Lowry, per Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times.  Lowry missed each of the last two seasons, and has had multiple surgeries, including having a rib removed.  However, rest assured, because his agent, Damon Lapa said Lowry is A-OK:

Lapa said the latest procedure "relieved every one of his symptoms."

"He's 100% healthy now," Lapa said

On the surface, this isn't such a bad idea, assuming the 29-year old Lowry is given a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.  But anything more than that would be foolish.  Allowing a pitcher a chance to earn his way back to the majors would be nothing new for the Dodgers; in 2009, the Dodgers had three pitchers -- Eric Milton, Jason Schmidt, Jeff Weaver -- who didn't throw a major league pitch the year before.  Schmidt was already under contract, but the other two had minor league deals.

The problem with Lowry is that, even before his two missed seasons, he simply wasn't very good:

Year Age W-L IP HR/9 BB/9 K/9 ERA ERA+ FIP
2004 23 6-0 92.0 0.98 2.74 7.04 3.82 114 3.81
2005 24 13-13 204.2 0.92 3.34 7.56 3.78 113 3.89
2006 25 7-10 159.1 1.19 3.16 4.74 4.74 95 4.97
2007 26 14-8 156.0 0.69 5.02 5.02 3.92 114 4.89

Don't let that 114 ERA+ in 2007 fool you.  Anyone who walks the same amount as they strike out is not pitching well.  Someone who hasn't been good since 2005 does not deserve a guaranteed contract.  If Lowry wants to pitch for Dodgers, he needs to earn that roster spot.