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Vin Scully's Lords of the Ravine

This has been percolating in my brain for a while and I probably should have started this in December but this is how we are going to go about creating the Vin Scully Lords of the Ravine. What we are are going to do is put up a ballot on google docs exactly like the HOF ballot you recently voted on. However the link will only be sent to those who are well versed on Los Angeles Dodger History. Meaning this vote will not be open to the general SB Nation public.  The names on that first ballot will be:

Tommy Lasorda, Walter Alston, Al Campanis, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale,  Junior Jim Gilliam, Maury Wills, Willie Davis,  Don Sutton,  Steve Garvey,  Ron Cey,  Davey Lopes,  Pedro Guerrero,   Fernando, Orel,   Mike Piazza, Raul MondesiShawn Green

Hitters (3000 Plate Appearances as a Dodger)

Pitchers (300 games as a Dodger)

Those requirements will be lifted after the first ballot. For example Gary Sheffield may have been the best Dodger hitter ever but he does not have enough Dodger at bats for a spot in the first suite. He does have a spot after that however and you will decide where that is.

Each voter can vote up to 10 names, those who are named on 70% of the ballots will be inducted.  Those inducted on this first ballot will be inducted into the top level of the Lords of the Ravine and it will be called the Walter O'Malley Suite named after the man who brought us the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For example: Fifty Ballots are cast. Of those 50 ballots Sandy Koufax, Mike Piazza, Tommy Lasorda, and Don Drysdale were the only ones to be named on 70% of the ballots.  That group would be inducted and make up the Walter O'Malley Suite.  Think of that group as players whose numbers you would like to see retired and hanging from the Pavilion.

The next ballot will have players added to replace those already elected and again the same process would take place.

Who will be voting?

1. Phil, Eric, Dave,  and Brendan

2. I'm going to send invitations to all the writers of the  Dodger Blogs that we are aware of. 

3.  For TBLA members who are interested in voting in this process send me an email at truebla @ gmail dot com, put the subject Lords of the Ravine in subject header. When the ballot is ready I'll send you the link.

4. I'm going to send out several invitations to people like Jay Jaffee, Chris Jaffe, Eric Enders,  Bob Timmermann, Josh Rawitch, Andrew, and assorted other DT commentators who know of what they speak.


All ballots will be published.

Items I could use help on. We have 18 names who will be on the first run ballot. If anyone is interested in writing up a compelling argument for one of these people put in the comments the person you want to write about. First come first served, then write up a FanPost, if it is good enough I'll put it on the front page and we will let the debate begin on that player  Not until all names on the ballot  have had write ups will the ballot be ready for a vote.  This is going to have to be a group effort, because we don't have time to write up good summaries for each person. I'm hoping that for every person mentioned that at least one of you felt a connection with that player and would like to mount the argument for their inclusion on the first ballot.

Also,  if someone is not listed that you think should be, the only way to get them on the first  ballot is to  write a defense on why they should be considered provided they meet the minimum requirements.  Bill Russell, Burt Hooten, Dusty Baker, Claude Osteen, Ron Perranoski, Ross Porter, Fresco Thompson......

As this moves forward I'd like to create a web site dedicated to this group with someone taking stewardship. Ultimately Frank McCourt will build a Vin Scully Lords of the Ravine tunnel connecting the right and left field pavilion's and we will have everything they need but the busts to make it happen.  This will be built with the windfall from the 2010-2012 string of world championships acquired on the pitching combination of Kershaw/Billingsley as they make their case to become part of the Walter O'Malley Suite once they have pitched 300 games.