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Brad Ausmus Managerial Game Chat

Tonight's Dodgers' coaching staff: Rick Borzello will reprise his role as pitching coach Brad Ausmus, as he did in the final game last season; Russell Martin will be hitting coach; Jamey Carroll, who will manage tomorrow, is bench coach tonight; Jeff Weaver will be bullpen coach. Rod Barajas walked by in the dugout when Ausmus met with the media and asked if he could coach third base. Ausmus joked, "You might be too slow to get out of the way on line drives."

While meeting with the media, Ausmus reflected on his playing career, which will be coming to a close Sunday. He remembered his first game, which came with San Diego on July 28, 1993 at Wrigley Field against the Cubs. Mark Grace, playing first base for Chicago, welcomed the rookie when Ausmus waked to lead off the third inning, saying, "See, it's not so hard up here." Then, the very next inning Ausmus singled, and Grace greeted him by saying, "first of 3,000."

Jay Gibbons is battling a back injury, which manager Joe Torre speculated might be a result of him favoring his calf injury earlier this week.

Jim Alexander of the Press Enterprise caught up with Diamondbacks' manager Kirk Gibson before the game, and found out this awesome piece of information:

D-Backs mgr Kirk Gibson revealed that whenever he returns to The Ravine, he seeks spot where his HR landed. He calls it 'Seat 88'

Here are tonight's lineups:

Diamondbacks Dodgers
SS Drew 2B Theriot
CF Young 3B Blake
2B Johnson RF Ethier
1B LaRoche CF Kemp
3B Reynolds 1B Loney
LF Allen LF Mitchell
RF Parra C Ellis
C Schmidt SS Hu
P Kroenke P Ely

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