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Some Trivial Facts About The 2010 Dodgers Offense

Sure the Dodgers' offense disappeared in the second half, but they still were able to lead the league in some categories. Broken down by position, the Dodgers...

  • Catchers led MLB by reaching base 12 times via error
  • First basemen tied with the Reds for the MLB lead with five caught stealings
  • Third basemen tied with the Braves for the NL lead with three sacrifice hits, and tied with the Giants and Phillies by reaching base 10 times via error
  • Shortstops led MLB with 75 walks
  • Center fielders led MLB with 15 caught stealings and nine sacrifice flies
  • Right fielders tied with the Mets for the NL lead with 11 intentional walks
  • Pitchers led MLB with 53 sacrifice hits
  • Designated hitters led MLB with a .360 batting average

Go Braves.