Delias man Off-Season Top 25 Baseball Card List - #25 Dre Day

I decided to share with you all my favorite 25 cards in my collection. I will show you some Dodger history, cool photos, technology, and some rare items. Maybe it will spark an interest or relive some old memories.

Here we go with #25... 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Andre Eithier Red Parallel


These cards are really cool because they are see-through. It is serial numbered 27 of 35 with an autograph in red ink. The red ones are the limited editions compared to the blue ink autographs. Too bad the autograph is a sticker instead of on-card. It has been graded 10 Gem Mint by PSA. There have been no other Either cards submitted for grading, so it is the only one of its kind.

I also have another card from this set that is really cool, a PSA 10 triple autograph of Chad, Hamels, and some guy named Alay Soler. Too bad he sucked.


And one final note for Phil. Topps actually mastered this technology in 2002 with its Topps Pristine set. I was foolish enough to spend a few dollars for this autograph. Back when he was called Irvin.


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