#24 - Our Favorite Closers


How could you not love both of these guys? They both brought us so much joy over the years. And here they are together. We can all close our eyes and see Eckersley drop down to throw that back door slider, and we can all imagine the fist pump after another save.

In 2005 Upper Deck went autograph crazy with the Ultimate Signature Edition set. The great thing about this card besides the history is that they are two big, beautiful on card autographs. Here is the only PSA 10 card from the Cy Young set. UD paired so many cool players together on these autograph cards, both living and dead. Let me give you a little rundown of the subsets and Dodger autographs with print run.

Signs of October

Duke/Mantle - 6

Eckersley/Gibson - 200

Garvey/Guidry - 250


Wills/Larkin - 250

Musial/Campy/Schmidt - 1

Cy Youngs

Randy Johnson/Drysdale - 3

Carlton/Drysdale/Spahn/Seaver - 1

Newcombe/Ford - 125

Rookie of the Year

Jackie/Frank Robinson - 3

Piazza/Bench - 15

Jackie/Piazza/Newcombe - 3

Jeter/Piazza/Munson/Jackie - 1

If money was no object, and you could own one of these cards, which would you like to have for your Dodger collection? I would choose one of the RJ/ Big Don cards. Drysdale being my favorite dodger ever and Randy just so great.

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