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Jamey Carroll Managerial Game Chat

Our manager can fly. Can yours?
Our manager can fly. Can yours?

Tonight's coaching staff, under manager Jamey Carroll:

Bench Coach: Brad Ausmus

Special Assistant to the Bench Coach: Russell Martin

Hitting Coach: John Lindsey

Pitching Coach: Mike Borzello

Bullpen Coach: Jonathan Broxton

Rafael Furcal is healthy, but won't start this weekend because Joe Torre wants Furcal, currently hitting .301, to have a .300 season. Furcal might see a pinch hit at-bat tonight or tomorrow, as he can go 0-for-1 and still hit .3003.

Jay Gibbons, who has been nursing injuries to his back and right calf, might be available to pinch hit tonight.

Here are tonight's lineups:

Diamondbacks Dodgers
SS Drew 2B Theriot
3B Abreu RF Ethier
2B Johnson CF Kemp
CF Young
1B Loney
1B LaRoche 3B Blake
C Montero
C Barajas
LF Allen LF Johnson
RF Parra SS Hu
P Saunders
P Billingsley

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