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Ted Lilly Contract Details Emerge; Hallgren Leaves Dodgers

Ted Lilly's contract with the Dodgers is even more back-loaded than I thought, with the following payout scheduled per Beth Harris of the Associated Press:

  • 2011: $7.5 million ($7 million salary, plus $500,000 signing bonus)
  • 2012: $12 million ($10.5 million salary, plus $1.5 million signing bonus)
  • 2013: $13.5 million ($12 million salary, plus $1.5 million signing bonus)

The $3.5 million signing bonus is spread over the life of the contract, paid installments every April 1. I have updated the payroll worksheet, as well as the sidebar on the right side of the site.

In other news, Tim Hallgren is leaving the Dodgers, per Keith Law of ESPN:

Scouting director Tim Hallgren is leaving the Dodgers to join the Tigers in pro scouting. Logan White will take over Tim's duties.

Hallgren had been with the Dodgers for eight seasons, the last four as the Director of Amateur Scouting. He has worked under White for each draft beginning in 2003. Prior to joining the Dodgers, Hallgren was with the Texas Rangers in various roles in their scouting department for 17 seasons.