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TBLA Member Winter Roll Call

Just a quick rundown of the folks who have stayed with us so far this winter as we contemplate a world series that involves the Giants.

TBLA Member Role Generation
68elcamino427 hit and run, one liners older
Alex41592 Lineup Man, gives us the lineups faster then anyone, anywhere. ???
berkowit28 Our intellectual Canadian Old
BFDC I think he is Ned's biggest fan on this site next to BH. Or at least the one who defends him the most. Or am I wrong, either way we need more, because no conversation should be one - sided. ???
bhsportsguy full of excellent trivia, has a reflex condition that only a meercat could be proud of, looks to be a budding columnist with his even take on just about everything. Older
delias man our own TBLA Hipsterphobic. Starting to come out of his shell and give us some great fanposts. Older:)
DodgerSF showed up unexpectedly to add diversity to our group. Asking for dating advice from blog posters would seem like asking a three time loser how to stay out of prison but she got some surprisingly good advice. Younger?
EMDarrow Not enough to know
G.Scott now one of our most prolific posters, rarely argumentative, always adds to a thread. Good looking ex-athlete, hot companion, destined to make a lot of money. Probably a dick in real life but can hide it on a blog. Younger
hee came hee seop'd he choi'd I got nothing ???
Humma Kavula Our prince of poetry, digital drunk, voice of negative reason - Older Gen? Not sure, he looks old but he probably has always looked old, a Benjamin Button who never regressed? ???
IvDown everyone whipping boy and what a good sport he is about it. He is off just enough on his lifes opinion to open up some fun conversations. Does he regret being so open last spring? Probably, did we? Hell No. Baby
Joey Joe never one for optimism, two time winner of the TBLA Post Season Contest. ???
Josie Becker our first full time xx poster, full of snobbery, intellectualism, and wonderful information, seems to scare the shit out of the younger boys, and the man from Ar Kansas. Loves her soccer and from what I hear writes about it. Younger
Julio Nievas young, good looking, good looking companion, USC fan, fuck him and his perfectness. Baby
keithc13 luckily he lives in Ar - Kansas so we can mercilessly deride everything about him, while knowing that we are far enough away from the jarhead that he cannot do bodily damage to us. Reality is that Keith is one of the most enjoyable commentators here. No hate, usually funny, class act. I expect in real life if you don't like Keith you are probably a dick. Medium
KellyStephen Riding his brothers coattails but gave us Uncle Google which we will always be grateful for. Living behind the Orange Curtain seems to have left a mark. Older then dust
kinbote Always around, likes what I write so he must be awesome. ???
LA Taco Our greatest Hispanic poster. Much better then the perfect Julio. Just another white boy poster. Julio rules, with Dex on his heals.
lakersdodgersyankees4life Confused young man, he just needs a Celtic in his name Baby
Little Blue Bicycle Long time member, doesn't post much but I think he's always around. Older
Maddz Drunken, laser tagging, theology student, wearing sweats in Tennesse. The second of our xx posters to show up and stay. Forced Josie to step up her game when she showed up. Forever Young
MartinGreen I wish I had something, but I got nothing ???
mintxcore Musical Man, Katy Perry history is all we will remember of him. Younger
mleadman the man for the restaurant reviews. I have no idea if I agree because I eat out at a real restaurant just about never, but I never grow tired of reading his opinions. Marty and I must have banged around in the early 80's while watching Phil Alvin's head bobble head with hurricane like force. Older
MR.F. Fanerman, is always knocking on wood and walking around ladders ???
Nate cougar updates, seems to have only two things on his mind, Dodger prospects and ......... Younger
nolander just the fact he's quoting Heinlein bodes well for his future. Puts Delias Man in his place whenever it needs to happen. Younger Or Baby
NotJoeTorre Dammit Joe, I got nothing ???
OB12 voice of optimistic reason ???
Pure Azure Doesn't post much but when he does, always good stuff. Knows his Dodger history, and music. Older
regfairfield luckily for us he has returned but in such a reasonable state, it is hard to say if this is they same guy. Where is the vitriol? Must be in love is all I can figure. Younger
robotmadeofnails Umpire, man of reason Younger
SeanMillerSavior Got nothing
shaqfor3 still giving us information a few minutes or days old. Must do it on purpose, or he simply lives in a different time dimension ???
silverwidow Mr. Hyperbole, who loves em and leaves em so fast the prospects don't even they were loved. Younger Gen Younger
Tommy Blackjack his futurerama bouts with Ivdown seemed liked we were watching a bromatch Baby
TopDeckTrueBlue Got nothing ???
Tripon right now, not a happy camper, if he can find something negative about something,he'll find it. I think he hates Ned the most. Younger
UCLA32 seems to be the man who knows the most about actually playing baseball. Must have been a huge baseball card collector at one point. Younger
underdog the man for the movie reviews. Rarely do we disagree on movies but is much more on the reasonable side regarding the Dodgers. Leans optimistic. Understands cats, we'd be good friends: Med
Xeifrank Simulation man, WAR factor, surprisingly witty for a … Med