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Congratulations San Francisco Giants, 2010 NL Champions

Since the Dodgers/Giants moved West in 1958 one thing has been a constant. The Dodgers have won World Championships, the Giants have not. When you get in a heated or good natured discussion with a Giant fan you always know you have that big chip in your hip pocket that if they start getting to cocky you have the 59, 63, 65, 81, and 88 World Championships to pull from to put them back in their place. Nothing they can do but sputter because as good as the Giants have been over the same time frame they have ZERO World Championships. 

Lots of great players, and they have come very very very close to hoisting that banner but for a McCovey right at em bullet, or a Scott Spezio three run special. But they didn't. Whether coming in 2nd in the league, playoffs, or World Series the Giants were always the bridesmaid. 

Dodger fans have to hope the Rangers can make that happen once again. The Giants had a great 2010 season, a formidable pitching staff, a brilliant debut from their catcher, a come back season from Huff, a where did that season come from for Torres, and another solid offensive season from Juan Uribe of all people. They beat a great Phillie team, boasting the best threesome I've seen take the mound in the playoffs in a long time. The Giants were simply impressive, and any Dodger fan who doesn't think so is lying to themselves. 

Come on Rangers, it has been a tough year for Dodger fans, let us end it on a high note, and let us keep that chip in our hip pocket.  We need a win. Make it happen. 

[Editor's note: these views are the sole opinion of Phil Gurnee and do not fully represent those of True Blue LA. Fuck the Giants. - Eric]