#22 Maury and the 59 World Series


Let's go back to 1960. Topps had a subset within the set with a card depicting the action of each game of the 59 WS. On the back of each card was the box score and the line score. This was the first Topps card that Maury was ever on. He never appeared again until 1967 as a Pirate.

Legend has it that Maury was such an underrated prospect that Topps did not sign him to a contract when he was in the minors, which was when they were usually signed. Whether he held out, or they never approached him again I am unsure but you can find cards of him as a Dodger from 1970-1972. Here is a link to Maury's website with a bunch of pics of his cards. Funny if you look at that link, and see that his 67 card has shot at Dodger Stadium.

There have been 228 of these submitted to PSA, 60 have come back as PSA 8 with only 9 graded higher.


Here is your bonus card... this one was difficult to find as a PSA 8, took me about 2 years to find. This card has a composite box score for the series on the back. 182 of these have been submitted, 48 graded 8, with only 3 higher.

The interesting thing is the picture selection. Who the hell is the guy that they are dumping the beer on? I have never been able to figure it out. Maybe a coach? He looks like he is about 60 years old. Couldn't they find a pic of Hodges, Podres or Snider getting blasted with the beer? Let me know if you can tell.

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