#21 Babe Ruth


1962 Topps had a commemorative subset of 10 cards that depicted Ruth's life and career. Ruth's Dodger coaching career is a pretty miniscule part of his career, so I am surprised that Topps decided to add this into the set. It is well noted that Ruth tried and tried to get a job as a manager but nobody was willing to take a chance on him. The Dodgers were abysmal in the 1930's, so they had nothing to lose with taking him on as a coach, or a novelty really.

You can search the Getty images for Babe as a Dodger here. I originally thought they could have selected a better image of him for this card, but they really did not have many options. I love the wood border of this 1962 set, I am sure we will come back to this set again later in the countdown. 330 of these have been submitted to PSA for grading. 89 8's with 10 graded higher.

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