4th Annual TBLA Playoff Pool

Now that the World Series contenders are set in stone it is time to start the 4th annual True Blue World Championship Pool. This is how the contest grid looked in 2008.

I don't know what happened to last years grid, but DSM942 won it all last year breaking Joey Joe's two year stranglehold on the prize.

The Prize will be forthcoming but it will be worth participating.

Picks will be closed at 10:30AM PCT 10/6/10

Make your picks like so

Rangers over Rays / 5 Games
Yankees over Twins/ 3 Games
Rangers over Yankees / 7 Games

Reds over Phillies / 5 Games
Giants over Braves/ 4 Games
Reds over Giants/ 6 Games

Rangers over Reds / 7 Games

The Tie Breaker will be how many home runs for Vlady and Votto combined

TieBreaker - 3

2nd TieBreaker - World Series MVP-which does not need to be chosen until we know who is playing and only those still in the running would need to make that pick.

Each correct series win is worth 5 points, Each correct choice of the number of games is worth 1 point.

Put your choices in the comment.

Good Luck

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