#19 Eddie Murray


In 1991 Topps released a special set to the troops overseas called Topps Desert Shield. I have read that there was only 5000 of each card produced. So the idea is that the card was sent over there, and came back to the US in such a way as to be still graded PSA 10 is improbable. 23,626 cards from this set have been submitted for grading, 2439 PSA 10's, approximately 10%. In comparison 5037 from the regular 1991 Topps set were submitted with 1335 10's, closer to 20%. 5 of 79 Murray cards have been graded Gem Mint 10. The image is great too. Shows a strong, great ball player with a confident look.

Some lunatics have actually completed the set with all the cards graded by PSA.

There were rumors that many cards never went and sat in some warehouse. Very possible back in a time when many were trying to retire off of flipping baseball cards.

So about Eddie...He was great in his only stint as a Dodger. 125 OPS+ for only 7.5 million! I love whenever the Dodgers have had a City player on the roster. Which is why I really defended GA for so long.

*I was in such a hurry to open the card the day it arrived in the mail that I scratched the case with a razor blade by accident while unpacking it. The scratch across Eddie's face is on the holder, not the card.*

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