Blue Dahlia - Chapter Two - The Beguiling

Chapter One can be found here


The TBLA Karaoke night at Gabe's Bar N Grill had been a huge success. They had only expected around eight but by the time the evening was rolling an even dozen had showed up. They were all having as much fun as Geeks on leave could have, belting out songs from the early 60's to current favorites. Eric proved an adept leader not only at running his Dodger blog but in setting the tone for the evening as he started out with a rousing rendition of We Love LA.

The TBLA group had commandeered the front three tables and just like their posting style were oblivious to anyone but themselves. Josie made her grand entrance bypassing the tables and moving right onto the stage, belting out R E S P E C T as her fans hooted and hollered. Once she she was done, David, basking in the strength of the brew, asked if she wouldn't mind sitting in the back so they would be able to see the stage. David braced himself for impact but Josie just gave him a big hug and said sure. She knew her hair was her calling card, she had learned to live with it, and took the well-intentioned comments in stride now. It had not always been the case, especially when it had hurt those young children when they got too close that one day before it exploded out of her hat, wounding anyone within the five foot perimeter. David had been sitting in the back, but was now feeling good about the night and moved closer to the center table.

No one could really sing, but no one really cared, this was primal fun. Mintxcore probably did the best job, but since he was Mintxcore he was booed for being a snob. Eric got cheers no matter what he sang, Reg was jeered good-naturedly but when a non-TBLA patron threw a shoe at him, he headed for cover. David sang the best version of 96 Tears ever performed by a key punch programmer. Michael and his wife did some spot on duets. Keith shocked everyone by showing up, and the big galoot was just as friendly in person as he was on line. Craig of the underdog version had decided this was a good time to leave SF, so he met up with the Craig from Beverly Hills version where they bonded quickly, tied together by their optimistic link of good naturedness. Reg tried to be smarmy but eventually Maddz slapped the shit out of him. As usual, the real Tripon was as friendly as the on-line Tripon was grump; with his falsetto he was able to hammer out a few Neil Young favorites. Nolander sang a bitter version of Old Man, but then got the place rocking with the Who's My Generation. Of course, just like in the blog, Josie and Maddz dominated the event. If they weren't singing, they were cajoling the group to sing, and who could say no when confronted by their devilish charms. When no was ready to take the mic Maddz stepped up to make sure a TBLA voice was being heard. Mike Dennis, to his surprise, found himself in front of the microphone, as he talked his way through a A Boy Named Sue. The only Karaoke virgin oblivious to their charms was Ivdown. Unable to drink, he was unable to drop his inhibitions enough to take the stage and make a fool of himself.

Ivdown may not have been able to imbibe any alcohol, but at around 10:47 he was able to fully drink in the beauty of Dahlia as she strolled into the room. Her auburn hair, deep brown eyes, and stunning Dodger Blue dress that ended at her thighs had all of his attention. He was the first to notice her, and quickly offered her his seat, which was right at the front center table. Elbows were talking, so by the time she had taken her seat everyone had noticed her. As Dahlia settled into her seat she looked at everyone and smiled that smile that had sailed a 1000 ships and sent many a man to seek glory in her name. A shot was quickly placed in front of her; with aplomb she threw it back, slammed the glass down, waited a second, looked around, and declared the words they were all waiting for.


To which everyone roared, and downed whatever drink they had in their hand. There was no doubt in their minds the mysterious Lady in Blue had arrived.

Within an hour minute Ivdown was totally infatuated with the blue dressed vixen he had given up his seat to. Why not? She was beautiful, she was friendly, she had a smile in her eyes that put a smile in your heart, most of all, she was a Dodger fan. Little did he know that within the hour she would spin his head in so many ways, that even Linda Blair would be impressed.

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