#18 Davey Lopes


The long anticipated return of the countdown takes us to Davey Lopes. Topps gave us a Davey Lopes rookie card, and made him share the card with 2 other guys. The card design is very lackluster. White background with blue and black font. Three nice, tight little face shots of each player is about all there is room for. Another rarity, graded PSA 9. There are 11 of these, with only 2 PSA 10's.

Gotta love these hats, right? The ugliest Braves hat in their history combined with the boringest Brewers hat in their history. Blanks and Garcia were just as bad as those hats in their playing careers. Davey by far had the greatest career of these 3 players.

WAR OPS+ Seasons
Blanks 0.7 78 9
Lopes 39.3 106 16
Garcia -2.4 75 5

If anybody can think of a worse 1970's era hat than that Braves hat above, please put your pick in the thread!

There will be more Lopes, and more 73 Topps later on in the countdown........

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