Dodgers 2011 #7 Prospect Vote

This post will serve as the voting for the Dodgers #7 Prospect heading into the 2011 season. The round 6 voting was closed early since it was obvious that Dee Gordon was going to win to the overwhelming vote for Dee Gordon. Please vote only once, and limit the comments in this post to your selection. Voting will be open for approximately 24 hours, and will close Thursday at 12:30 PM PST.

Click here for the post on the main page that has additional information regarding each prospect, and also use that thread to discuss this vote.

Again, the candidates for this vote are (ages as of 2011 opening day):

Allen Webster (21 years old) RHP

Aaron Miller (23.5 years old) LHP

Chris Withrow (22 years old) RHP

Ethan Martin (21.75 years old) RHP

Jonathan Garcia (19.25 years old) OF

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