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Around the Dodger Blue Blogging World

With the Garland news, the Uribe news, and general good stuff going on with other blogs, here are the stories making the rounds.

The Dodger-Giant tradeoff - Los Angeles Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
He was sentenced to be my Butler.Juan Uribe is poised to become the 47th player to wear both a Giants and Dodgers uniform since 1988, a

How Do You Feel About Juan Uribe in 2013? (Updated) « Mike Scioscia's tragic illness

Memories Of Kevin Malone - A Los Angeles Dodgers Blog: Down On The Farm: Ogden Season Review
Chad reviews the Ogden season

Happy birthday, Vin and Ross - Los Angeles Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Kirby Lee/Image of Sport/US PresswireVin Scully and Ross Porter It's 2-for-1 day again: Happy birthday to a pair of my all-time favorites.

Baseball Savvy: Dodgers, Dodgers blogs
Howard Cole shows off his Blue Beard

Dodger Divorce: Rumblings from the volcano?

Sons of Steve Garvey: We'll Miss You, Enrico Pallazzo