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Podsednik Declines Option, Now A Free Agent; Gibbons Returns

Scott Podsednik today declined his $2 million option for 2011, per Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times. On Tuesday, the Dodgers exercised their half of the option, which gave the outfielder 48 hours to decide whether to return or become a free agent. The option was originally a club option with a $100,000 buyout, but became a mutual option once Podsednik reached 525 plate appearances this season. By declining his option after the Dodgers exercised their half, Podsednik will not receive any buyout.

Podsednik made $1.65 million this season.

The Dodgers have seven free agents: Rod Barajas (Type B), Hiroki Kuroda, Vicente Padilla, Jay Gibbons, Reed Johnson, Brad Ausmus, Jeff Weaver, and Podsednik (Type B). The Dodgers' 40-man roster now has 32 players.

UPDATE: The Dodgers have signed Gibbons to a one-year major league contract, per Hernandez. Expect him to fill a bench role in 2011. Hernandez also reported the deal was $400,000 plus incentives, although the major league minimum will likely increase in 2011 so expect that base salary to rise.