3 Cards that did not make the cut


This one was a close call. Chuck Dressen was the Dodgers Manager from 1951 to 1953. I like the card so much because he has the lineup on the chalkboard in the background. I imagine there is no chalkboard in the clubhouse today.


Great card, but I want one in a higher grade, so it does not make my Top 25. A PSA 9 sells for $900-1000 USD. Out of my price range for just one card at this time. The black borders make these cards extremely expensive in high grade because they are so easily damaged. Steve looks so young and clean cut there. Very hairy arms too.

This was another close call. A certain WAL is dragging the card down, or else it would be in my top 10. Good luck ever finding a Nomo autograph, nevermind a Nomo autograph in Dodger gear. Serial numbered 22 of 33. Fleer almost hit a grand slam here.

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