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How Do We Fix The "Gangrenous Wound in Left Field"?

that Keith Law so eloquently called the Dodger situation after we signed a relief pitcher whose peripherals make TBLA weep. It is no secret to anyone who reads this blog that while we admire what Ned has done with the rotation, the fact remains that the only offensive upgrade to the team was bringing in Juan Uribe. Do the Dodgers need a slugging left fielder to be competitive in 2011?  If so, do we need to get that person before the start of the season or cherry pick at the trading deadline as players become available?

According to TBLA posters every outfielder in baseball is available to remedy this infection. The current outfield has Andre Ethier in RF, and Matt Kemp in CF.

The current in - house possibilities are: Xavier Paul, Jay Gibbons, Tony Gwynn

The future might be Jerry Sands or Trayvon Robinson

Does Jamie Hoffmann have a dog in this fight?

We seem to have an overabundance of relief pitching and starting pitching.

Did Ned sign Vicente Padilla with the idea of trading Chad Billingsley for hitting? If so the sky is the limit on what the return would be.

Did Ned sign Padilla with the idea of trading Jonathan Broxton for hitting? If so the return has to have a limited value, plus if you want a relief pitcher like Broxton, just sign Rafael Soriano or Bobby Jenks or Kevin Gregg.  The free agent pool is littered with closers with warts, why trade for one?  Limited exposure would be one reason; I just fail to see how Broxton has enough value to bring in a big enough bat.

Did Ned simply sign all these pitchers for depth and expects to keep them all, while simply buying a left fielder?

Free Agents Costly
Johnny Damon

Free Agents Cheaper
Rick Ankiel
Scott Hairston
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
Jermaine Dye
Austin Kearns
Bill Hall
Lastings Milledge
Marcus Thames

What is Ned going to do?

What would you do?