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Russell Martin Decision Day

The one time apple of our eye is now in danger of being an ex-Dodger. Sometime today we will know if he remains with us or not. Russell Martin ended the year hurt, so the Dodgers are in a tough position. If healthy will he be productive enough to warrant the salary he might command in arbitration? Are there better alternatives for less money? Can that money be spent elsewhere in the lineup? Is he even healthy?If healthy now, can he remain healthy? Did the 2nd half surge of AJ Ellis turn the Dodger eyes? Bill James projects that Ellis could have an wOBA of .322 compared to Martins .337. Is that difference worth 4 Million?

Other possible options if the Dodgers part ways with Martin:

Jason Varitek , AJ Pierzynski, Rod Barajas, Gregg Zaun, Miguel Olivo with possibly more being available after today's arbitration deadline.

I'm of the opinion we came this far with these guys, I want one more year with them, so I'm inclined to offer arbitration to both Martin and Loney. I'd rather not offer Martin a lower two year deal, I want him hungry this summer. Martin has been my biggest disappointment because he created such expectations for me. For me he was everything I wanted in a baseball player.

Patience, power, speed, defense, and fun to watch. Nows he's simply patient and everything else seems to be gone, however I'm a firm believer that once you display a skill you own that skill, so Martin can bounce back, and I'd like to see him be given the chance one more time in Dodger blue. What about you?

FWIIW Eric is projecting the Martin arbitration figure at $4.5 Million. Eric is usually close on these estimates.

Update: To be clear, Eric feels that Martin would make $6 Million in arbitration, his 4.5 Million is what he expects Martin to sign for if he signs a contract before the deadline. Sorry for the confusion.


1. Non-Tender Martin making him a free agent eligible to negotiate with any team.

2. Tender Martin then hope to come to an agreement between now and his arbitration date. He would remain a Dodger in 2011.

3. Come to an agreement today before they have to make the tender/non tender decision.

4. Trade Martin like they just traded Theriot

I'm going to put up a poll, what do you expect them to do?