#16 Don Sutton


I have new toner in my printer/scanner, so now it will allow me to scan, and we can continue the countdown with the so colorful 1975 Topps set and Don Sutton. This blue/green combo is appealing to the eye, but it is still a pretty bold and ugly design. I love how the blue/green matches the sky and trees, and the detail on the uniform is great too. Would it be so bad if the Dodgers added this piping and sleeve cuffs to the unis today? 97 PSA 9's and 3 PSA 10's have been graded.

I do not know a good reason on why they would ever want to make them, but this is also the only year that Topps experimented with a Mini card. It is 20% smaller than the original version. These were only released in California and Michigan according to legend, and have a smaller print run than the regular set, so they are obviously more scarce. One collector named Charlie Conlon bought up hundreds of cases of these in the 1970's and as he slowly sold off his stash over the years, more and more high quality cards were available on the market. There are 22 PSA 9's, and no PSA 10's.

You can see below that many years later... Don's autograph barely changed from the facsimile autograph on the old Topps cards.


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