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Clayton Kershaw TBLA community projections follow up

Easily the brightest star in 2010 was the continued emergence of Clayton Kershaw. He ended the season with 204 innings, an ERA of 2.91, and a WHIP of 1.179

This is what Michael White had to say about Clayton Kershaw entering the 2010 season

How did the community do?

Top three closest in IP:
Eric Stephen - 204 Bingo
IvDown - 204 Bingo
Colorblue - 205

Top three closest in WHIP
Julio - 1.18 Bingo
Bucknellbruin - 1.18 Bingo
ColorBlue - 1.18 Bingo
MammothDoder - 1.18 Bingo

Three three closest in ERA
Bucknellbruin 2.97
HiramBocachica 2.98
Phil Gurnee, SilverWidow, David Young 2.99

As a community we kicked butt in nailing Kershaw's performance in 2010.

We expected an ace and pretty much got an ace.