#17 Matt Kemp


I can see where people get frustrated with baseball cards. Here you have a great card of a young prospect, but there is so much more than meets the eye here. First off, Bowman Chrome sets aside about 30-40 prospect cards each year, and all of the cards issued for that player are autographed and they are within the regular set. Not a subset. But there are different versions of each card, with each different version more and more limited. These are the 2005 options.

Regular Chrome Version - maybe 1000 copies?

Refractor (Rainbow effect) - 500

X-Fractor (Pictured Above) - 225

Blue - 150

Gold - 50

Red - 5

Gold Super-Fractor - 1

I guess you can say that there are different versions based on how much you want to spend, but the days of just having one rookie card to chase are long gone. I always wanted the Blue one, but they always look off-centered and a PSA 10 seems hard to come by. This is the only PSA 10 X-Fractor of the 7 that have been graded.

I like seeing these pics of kids wearing crazy uniform numbers. Reminds us that they were all young once. Like seeing Piazza wearing #60 in 1992 Donruss.

Bonus Card this week!!


Can I just say that this card is really fucking cool? I hope to look back at this card in 20 years and say wow, Topps got this dual auto card right. Two perfect, clean on-card autos, and great artwork. Topps is attempting to pay tribute to the old Chicle brand cards from the 1930's with this set. Only 25 of these issued.

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