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Dodgers Rule 5 Draft Preview

The Rule 5 Draft is tomorrow, and since I already did a post about how the Rule 5 draft works and about which players are eligible for the draft (click here to see it), this will be pretty short. 

There aren’t a whole Rule 5 previews out there, but Baseball America did one in which they listed 25 players who could get picked.  It’s behind a pay wall, but what I can tell you is that no Dodgers made the list.  I found a few other previews on random blogs, but no Dodgers were mentioned anywhere as being potential selections.

Since bullpen arms are the most popular picks in the Rule 5 draft, I believe that Justin Miller is the most likely Dodger to get selected by another team on Thursday.  He was the one player I felt the Dodgers should have added to their 40 man roster in my previous post, but since they didn’t then I think he has the best chance of getting taken.  I’m not saying he will get taken, but if anyone were to get picked from the Dodgers organization then my guess would be him. 

Below, is another recap of all the Dodger players eligible to get selected for the draft, and I’m ordering them from the most likely to get selected to the least likely:

Justin Miller, Geison Aguasviva, James Adkins, Justin Sellers, Josh Wall, Alfredo Silverio, David Pfeiffer, Alberto Bastardo, Scott Van Slyke, Tim Sexton, Jaime Pedroza, Matt Wallach, Matthew Sartor, Rafael Ynoa, Mario Alvarez, Travis Denker, Elian Herrera, Jesus Castillo, Fransisco Felix, Thomas Melgarejo, Jesus Rodriguez, Jessie Mier, Jaime Ortiz, Bobby Blevins, Miguel Sanfler, Alex Garabedian, Cody White, Keyter Collado, Christian Lara, Marlon Urriola, Gorman Erickson, Eric Thompson, Gari Tavarez, Pedro Guerrero, Blake Brannon, Eduardo Perez, Gabriel Gutierrez, Johan Garcia

In terms of the Dodgers chances of picking someone in the rule 5 draft, it’s anyone’s guess as to if they’ll make a selection or not.  They have the 13th pick, although they can always ask another team to pick for them and then trade for that player like they did twice last year.  The real question is if they’ll have room on their 25 man roster to carry another Monasterios for a full season.  Given that they already have a 5 man rotation and a bullpen that is pretty full, I don’t think they have space.  But you never know with this organization.