Merry Christmas Uncle Google

Eric joined us two years ago to manage True Blue LA, and has worked hard at:

1. Keeping you informed about everything you care about related to Dodger baseball

2. Making you laugh with his captions

3. Making you laugh with his comments

4. Making you laugh with his bannings

Most of all, Eric has made a place for you to congregate.

During these two years Eric has never asked for any donations. For those of you unfamiliar with how SBNation works, the manager of the site (Eric) works for a nominal fee, when I say nominal I mean it won't pay his gas bill to Dodger stadium. We have 3,000 members, if each member simply sent 1.00 that would awesoke, if 10% of the membership sent 5.00 that would be double awesoke, if 1% of the membership sent $10.00 that would not be so awesoke but it would at least be a nice little Christmas bonus for the man who works so hard to bring all this information to you.

Many of you have asked for a way to repay Eric for everything he has done. He's too humble to ask, so we will do it for him. If you would like to send money to Eric then click on paypal and use his email to send him your appreciation for all the work he has put into this site that many of you use all day long to make your workday go easier.

His paypal email is


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