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Vin Scully's Lords of the Ravine Update

For those who just tuned in, this is what the Vin Scully Lords of the Ravine is all about.

Just want to thank everyone who has volunteered to write so far. I had high hopes for this project but the brilliant pieces by our guest writers are inspiring as they approach this from many different angles.

We had several sponsorship columns this weekend - Al Campanis, Don Drysdale, plus Raul Mondesi just before the weekend so be sure to read them.

So Far

bhsportsguy started us off with the case for the Penguin (Ron Cey) and followed that up with best hitter of the 1980's, Pedro Guerrero

bhsportsguy and Phil took on the curly haired big eared shutout artist Don Sutton

prosellis dipped into the bullpen ranks for Ron Perranoski

Eric Enders threw his sombrero into the ring for Fernando

Bob Hendley gave us the dope on Gomer (Claude Osteen)

Humma Kavula went into the wayback machine to litigate the case for Maury Wills

Mammoth Dodger bled some blue while writing about Tommy Lasorda

StolenMonkey86 feels there must be a place for Popeye (Steve Garvey) who was the fresh scrubbed face of the team for most of the 70's.

Phil sped things along with Davey Lopes

Eric Stephen show us why a Bulldog (Orel Hershiser) needs to be considered.

Gen3Blue feels that the LOTR O'Malley Suite needs a Junior Jim Gilliam

David Young gave us compelling reasons for the inclusion of Al Campanis

Prosellis had an easier time making the case for Don Drysdale

Bob Timmermann the esteemed author of the The Griddle and One through Forty-Two or Forty-Three made his views known on both the Quiet Man (Walter Alston) and Tommy Lasorda.

DeliasMan feels that El Canon (Raul Mondesi) is every bit as worthy as others on the list


Still to Come

Shawn Green – MWhite

Mike Scioscia – S Jay Bruin

Mike Piazza - Phil

Sandy Koufax - djwbaseball

As you can see it is Feb 1st and we still have a few more sponsorship articles. We had a lot of Dodger news last week so we don't want to infringe on that part of the business so we held back on those. I do need to hear from S Jay Bruin and Djwbaseball on their progress with their respective sponsors.


Still looking for sponsors:

The all time win share and hits leader Willie Davis is feeling no love


Also just a reminder, if you want to be part of the vote for the O'Malley Suite, email me and put Lords of the Ravine in the subject matter. Don't be shy, you don't have to have seen all these players play, just consider yourself well versed in the history of the Dodgers. If you can answer 240 of the 250 questions correctly on teh quiz you are in. Piece of cake. This is also a test to see if anyone reads to the bottom.