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Clippings from around the Dodger Blog World

Dodger Divorce: A handy refresher. - Joshua breaks it down. As usual a great read.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Prospect Profiles 2010: Ethan Martin - Kensai starts up his must read prospect profiles.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Prospect Profiles 2010: Aaron Miller

A black eye at Dodger Stadium that needs to be removed | Dodgers Blog | Los Angeles Times -  xxxxx sucks is a chant that should be retired. Based on the comments, fans feel they have paid for the right to be boorish, which evidently trumps the right I paid to watch a baseball without listening to stupid chants. 

Dodger Prospect Countdown: 50 - 41 (Plus recap) - True Blue LA - Coolguy_Eight continues his prodigious undertaking by ranking 200 Dodger prospects.

The Dodger Thoughts 2010 Spring Training Primer - Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles - Jon covers everyone showing up this spring.  Some obscure relief pitcher will get little respect and somehow make a name this season.  Players in the past like Saito, Wade, and Bellisario shocked all of us when they become cornerstones to the teams bullpen. Who will it be this year?