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Dodger Blogging around the World

Memories Of Kevin Malone: An Interview With Brian Akin - the interview I would have loved to have done. Brian Akin may not have a major league future but he show has a great blog. READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS

The Nastiest Billionaire Divorce Ever: Jamie And Frank McCourt*
Who's who in the 'War of the Roses" - a decent overview of what is happing from

Tax men strike out against McCourts -
 - LA Times Business section checks in. Rob thinks they strike out but it is interesting to see the business section get involved.

Kershaw looking ahead to life without limits | News
The Dodgers protected Clayton Kershaw's valuable young arm last season, but the 21-year-old lefty and potential ace is hoping to pitch without workload restrictions this year.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Prospect Profiles 2010: Andrew Lambo - Kensai checks in on Lambo. Will Left Field ever get to be called Lambo Field?

Dodger Divorce: Oh, it all makes sense now!