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Quick Dodger Clips for a Friday Night

Torre praises punctual Dodgers in camp | News
The Dodgers held their first official full-squad workout on Friday, but it was hard to notice any difference from the workouts earlier this week at Camelback Ranch-Glendale.

Healthy Wade wants bullpen job back | News
One of last year's disappointments for the Dodgers was the recurring pain in the shoulder of Cory Wade, who is back in Spring Training and says he's healthy enough to want the setup role back.

Dodgers Media Network | Fan Forum - lots of daily video being put up. Dodger fans should check this out daily.

I’d Rather Have a Good Team With No Ace Than the Inverse « Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness - MSTI takes a look at OBA between the Dodgers and Giants. Maybe Mike can do the same using wOBA. I'd be curious to see the difference since we know Molina and Martin are just about dead even using wOBA.

The Dodgers’ Fifth Starter | FanGraphs Baseball
From last week, R.J. Anderson looks at some of the candidates for the 5th starter spot.

Trying to Explain Vicente Padilla’s Platoon Split | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Allen takes a look at Padilla's rather extreme splits.