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Clippings from around the Dodger Blog world

Sons of Steve Garvey: In Which We Do Not Sing the Praises of R. Ortiz - worth the photo, just keep throwing things at a wall until something sticks.

Los Angeles Dodgers may have a found a bargain in Vicente Padilla - ESPN Los Angeles
According to Tony Jackson, Vicente Padilla stacks up favorably to Randy Wolf in the Dodgers rotation. Also takes a look at the rest of the pitching staff. Tony writing up a storm these days.

Joe Posnanski " Blog Archive " Sabol and NFL Films - Joe with some great stories from Sabol and the voice. If you like football you should read this.

Jeff Weaver Returns, But Where Does He Fit? " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness

Case study of a 5-year-old athlete - Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
 - Jon Weisman takes an introspective look at the past year as his four year old moves onto bigger things as a five year old.

The Trolley Dodger " 2009 Trolley Dodger Highlights - Late with this, but Trolley Dodger looks back at the highlights of his blog in 2009.

Steve Dilbeck is the newest blogger in town as he takes over for Jon Weisman as the LA Times Dodger blogger. With help from the LA Times sporting staff (Dylan Hernandez) they are providing a plethora of Dodger news and stories.