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Dodgers Announce Spring Broadcast Schedule

Image Courtesy of LA Dodgers
Image Courtesy of LA Dodgers

The Dodgers are showing more spring training games on television than ever before in 2010: 11 games on Prime Ticket, and three more on KCAL.  From the Dodgers:

In an effort to provide more Spring Training games to fans than ever before, PRIME TICKET’s "Camelback Vision" telecasts will air with minimized production, as is appropriate for the atmosphere of Spring Training.

If this is anything like the online broadcasts in 2009, this will mean most of the action will be seen from a camera behind home plate, with minimal zooming and few cuts to other cameras.  Still, 14 out of 32 is a good amount of spring games on television. 

Vin Scully will broadcast all three games on KCAL.  The Prime Ticket broadcasts will alternate between the broadcast teams of Eric Collins & Steve Lyons, and Charley Steiner & Rick Monday.  Here is the full schedule (all times Pacific):

Day Date Time Opp Location TV
Fri 3/5 12:05pm CWS Glendale
Sat 3/6 12:05pm CWS Glendale Prime
Sun 3/7 12:05pm Chi Mesa
Mon 3/8 12:05pm SF Scottsdale
Tue 3/9 12:05pm Col Glendale Prime
Wed 3/10 12:05pm AZ Glendale Prime
Thu 3/11 12:05pm KC (ss) Surprise
Fri 3/12 12:05pm Cin Glendale Prime
Sat 3/13 12:05pm AZ Tucson
TBD Taiwan Taiwan
Sun 3/14 1:05pm Tex Glendale Prime
TBD Taiwan Taiwan
Mon 3/15 1:05pm LAA Tempe
Tue 3/16
Wed 3/17 1:05pm CWS Glendale Prime
Thu 3/18 1:05pm Chi Glendale Prime
Fri 3/19 7:05pm SD Peoria
Sat 3/20 1:05pm Tex (ss) Surprise
7:05pm SD (ss) Glendale Prime
Sun 3/21 1:05pm Cle Glendale KCAL
Mon 3/22 1:05pm LAA (ss) Glendale Prime
1:05pm Mil (ss) Maryvale
Tue 3/23
Wed 3/24 7:35pm Oak Phoenix
Thu 3/25 1:05pm Mil Glendale Prime
Fri 3/26 1:05pm KC Glendale Prime
Sat 3/27 1:05pm Sea Glendale KCAL
Sun 3/28 1:05pm Cin Goodyear
Mon 3/29 1:05pm Cle Goodyear
Tue 3/30 1:10pm Col Tucson
Wed 3/31 1:05pm SF Glendale
TBD Cin (ss) Vegas
Thu 4/1 7:10pm Cle Dodger Stadium
Fri 4/2 7:05pm LAA Angels Stadium
Sat 4/3 1:05pm LAA Dodger Stadium KCAL

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