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Clips Nation Night at Staples Center! Saturday, April 10th



Attention Clipper fans (and yes Laker fans I suppose) the Clippers have established a Clipsnation night with our SBNation Clipper blog.  I know there are quite a few of my fellow Clipper fans out there, and there was a bit of interest in a True Blue LA Clipper night earlier this year.  The event should be a lot of fun, as your purchase will not only provide for tickets to the game, it will also be an oppurtunity to meet other fans in a private reception room prior to the game.  So, if you are interested in seeing the 4 Clippers actually under contract next year (and a bunch of oon to be free agents) sign up for this event. 


Here's what you need to know via the ClipsNation post:

You can use this link to buy tickets online directly through Ticketmaster - use code 'clippers'.  There are three price levels, all with discounts of at least 50%:

  • $35 for loge 100 ends (regularly $75),
  • $34 for the 200 level (regularly $68), and
  • $20 for the Upper Center (regularly $45). 

For season ticket holders who want to attend, email with your season ticket holder information in order to get access to the event.  Your names will be placed on the list at the check-in table.

On April 10th, everything starts at 5:00 PM.  Check -in at Star Plaza and tell them that you're there for  Clips Nation night. 

I plan on being there with some of my fellow Clipper fans, I and hope to see some of my fellow Dodger fans at the event.